Saturday, January 23, 2010

Happy Year of the Tiger!

Headed out to the bulk mail too seen out the newsletter, and have been stymied again at the esoteric nature of the Postal System. I have been doing bulk mail for 15 years now, and every single time I go, it is a different experience. The USPS changes their forms every so many months because it is what they like to do. Of course this organization does not inform anyone that they are doing so until you reach the office and then get chastised for using the wrong form. I imagine that when people think about "secret" rituals and chants, and mudras, they think of Shingon Buddhism...I give you the United States Postal Service. Without getting to much into this latest episode, suffice in the knowledge that you were not told to wait for 2o minutes because a "computer" told the clerk to "do something arcane in the back with your mail", wasting precious time you could have spent in Honolulu traffic.