Friday, March 5, 2010

Just feeling weird...

Well, I am just about getting rid of my pneumonia...don't ask how I know, I am just happy that I can sort of breath. Everyone wants to be an armchair coach, and Tuesday morning quarterback. I am sort of thinking along those lines now. Hindsight tells me that I shouldn't have prepared osettai (the after service lunch) on the 21st of February. Sweating profusely in an air conditioned kitchen is probably a warning sign, and of course this was confirmed on the following Tuesday when my doctor told me go and get a chest x-ray. Then me being me, I decide not to cancel Fellowship Night on the 28th AND continued with the Kannon lecture that morning. What was the result of all this effort? Well for one thing I discovered a new favorite dish, Darius DeWitt makes the best cajun gumbo outside of NOLA. It is so good that I am craving it as I write this blog. Ethel may have poisoned Daniel Chen with Maui Sweet Onion potato chips...Dan was chomping through a large bag of those tasty chips, and he loved it so much I told him to take the remainder home...then the next day there is a recall on those chips because of suspected salmonella poisoning! Go figure!
Well Dan came over to eat some Roast Duck noodle yesterday for lunch so I am guessing that he is not poisoned, or has the stomach of a male in his early twenties and wouldn't know if he was poisoned to begin with. All in all my first full day back at the temple was a good one. Cleared several services, prepared some omamori, and even got to celebrate Takuya's birthday and capped it with a delicious birthday dessert prepared by June, her delicious pana cotta which would make an Italian grandmother cry it tastes so good. What does this have to do with Buddhism...nothing...except that I can honestly say there is a very weird vibe around the world right now...and its not just the crazies driving on Honolulu everybody be careful out there!

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